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Could Varicose Veins be a Men’s Health Issue?

5 adobestock 70552809 cropped We call them “unsightly” and “embarrassing,” but spider veins and varicose veins are more than that. They can be a potentially serious problem. While these vein issues are typically seen as a women’s health issue, we need to take another look. Men can and do get varicose veins. Seeing them only as a cosmetic issue, though, they may not get the care that they need to protect their vascular health. 

Varicose veins may be related to the cardiovascular system, which is involved in moving blood through the body 24/7. For blood to return to the heart from the lower extremities, the body must work against the force of gravity. Veins have valves that prevent blood from moving backwards or pooling. Varicose veins occur when some of these valves stop working well. Without sufficient forward motion, blood pools and the veins start to swell and twist.

Complications of Varicose Veins

We know varicose veins to be unattractive. However, because most men have enough hair on their legs to somewhat obscure the ropy, bulging veins, many do not seek treatment. Why bother when it’s only cosmetic appearance at stake? Men, like women, need to know that varicose veins often progress and result in aching legs, throbbing or burning pain, cramps, restless leg syndrome, and a sensation of heaviness in the legs.  According to the National Institutes of Health, distended veins also present a risk of blood clots (superficial thrombophlebitis). This condition may cay hardening of the vein and significant pain. 

What Can Men Do About Varicose Veins?

Treatment for varicose veins is the same no matter who has them. Men can work against the worsening of these problematic veins by wearing compression stockings when they are walking or standing for long periods. When engaging in sports like golf, men should wear compression. When sitting for long periods, they should wear compression. After a long day, it helps to elevate the legs to help blood drain upwards. One doesn’t have to be into yoga to do one of the common poses in which they lie on their back and place the length of their legs up a wall. This pose is especially helpful before bed. It helps to prevent excessive blood stagnation and is also said to help promote deep sleep.

Varicose veins can also be treated. Eliminating these veins is not difficult. No surgery is required, and treatment is generally comfortable. Our most popular forms of varicose vein treatment are sclerotherapy, laser vein treatment, and radiofrequency ablation. Each treatment quickly closes veins so blood can reroute to an open, functional vein. 

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