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We Focus On Your Circulation To Keep You Going.

At the Minimally Invasive Vascular Centers, we make every attempt to address your circulation problems without cutting.

Minimally invasive surgery includes intravascular or endovascular surgery. These phrases are often interchangeable and involve revascularization through a needle puncture or catheter that contains medications or miniature instruments. Revascularization is the restoration of blood flow to a diseased part of the body such as an organ or tissue that is often accomplished by clearing or opening a path for blood flow as well as, removing or bypassing debris (i.e. thrombus/blood clots or plaque).


We perform a number of minimally invasive and open procedures to address your poor circulation needs.

Limb loss, Stroke, and Death are all devastating events. Let us educate you today so you can prevent vascular devastation™ tomorrow.

Call (855) 803-MIVC (6482) to address your poor circulation before it changes your lifestyle. We offer a comprehensive assessment of your circulatory system.

Poor Circulation

Vascular Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) refers to the consistent inability to achieve or maintain an erection. For an erection to occur, a specific sequence of event needs to take place, allowing blood to enter the penis while restricting the outflow of blood. The pressure created by this “trapped” blood is what maintains…



Female Pelvic Pain

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