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Should I have Sclerotherapy?

adobestock 299406272 1 Vein issues present a lot of problems. They aren’t only cosmetic, either. When veins become visible or swollen, ongoing management may need to be considered. Spider veins are not the bulging, ropy veins that cause leg cramps and burning. They are the tiny webs of visible red and purple veins just beneath the skin. Spider veins often develop around the knees or ankles, sometimes on the thighs or calves. Regardless of where they appear, many people wish they weren’t there. It’s possible to get rid of spider veins without much fuss at all. Sclerotherapy may be an ideal solution.

What is sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy has been a common treatment for spider veins for many years. It is appealing because it is minimally-invasive and because it works. The procedure does not require general anesthesia. Patients don’t even need sedation. There are no nerves in veins, so the only sensations that occur during vein treatment are in the skin. To manage them, we apply a local anesthetic either as a topical cream or minor injection. This procedure works by injecting a mild salt solution into visible veins. This causes the inner lining to become sticky and swollen. The walls of the vein collapse inward and the vessel gradually disappears. This process has been proven over decades of clinical use.

After sclerotherapy, it may be beneficial to apply compression to the treatment area. Several garments are available and may be purchased online before the appointment to remove veins. Compression supports the collapse of treated veins and also provides gentle pressure that improves comfort. Depending on the situation, patients are sometimes encouraged to wear compression at times after their veins have disappeared. Wearing compression when standing or walking can help blood move more efficiently out of the lower extremities.

Veins do not come back after the sclerotherapy procedure. However, veins that have not been treated could eventually become dysfunctional, causing new veins to develop. Treatment can be repeated as needed to prevent these veins from presenting cosmetic concerns.

At Minimally Invasive Vascular Center, we provide personal care to each patient based on their needs and goals. To schedule a sclerotherapy consultation at our Laurel, MD office, call (855) 803-MIVC (6482).

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